First, what are ketones??

Well there are 3 types of ketones bodies

1 Acetoacetate

2 Acetone

3 Beta-hydroxybutyrate

Ketone bodies are a water-soluble compound that is used as a form of energy in the bodies.

Our body uses ketones to satisfy our energy requirements in the same way as glucose but unlike glucose ketones, bodies do not have any impact on insulin or blood sugar.


Benefits of ketones


1 Reduces blood glucose and insulin levels.

The body will produce ketone bodies when blood glucose levels are at a minimal level.

It goes hand in hand when you have low blood sugar levels the amount of insulin the body releases will also fall.


2 Reduces hunger and food cravings

Highly processed foods will shoot up the blood sugar levels. Most of the time you will be feeling hunger and craving food just a few hours later.

It has been researched and shown in many studies that a person with high levels of ketones in their body helps to suppress hunger and cravings.

A lot of people on the ketogenic diet claim that they can go for long periods of time without feeling hunger at all.


3 the link between Ketone bodies and mental health

There is a notable amount of anecdotal evidence regarding ketogenic diets and mental health.

Many people claim that entering ketosis improved their mental clarity, focus, eliminated brain fog and relieved depression.

There have been animal studies to suggest that the ketogenic diet reduces depression, anxiety, and blood glucose levels in adult rats.

Four randomized, controlled trials involving 289 people show that ketogenic diets may be beneficial for epilepsy patients.

4 Helps fight type II diabetes

People that suffer from Type II Diabetes suffer from an increased production of insulin.

Because the ketogenic diet reduces sugar levels in the diet,

it helps to lower the HbA1c count and can effectively reverse Type II diabetes.

An easy way to do a home blood test to check your levels is with this Diabetes Blood Sugar Glucose Meter Tester, there are many different ways to test your blood this is just one 


5 More energy

This is still under intense study?s. There are some completed studies that have shown that a ketogenic diet can reduce key markers that are related to type II diabetes.

Your body can only store around 2000 calories of glycogen. Because of this, you need to constantly refuel if you want to maintain your energy levels.

However, your body already has plenty of fat to work with. Around 40.000 calories on avg. so that means in ketosis it has an abundance of energy to burn.

This means that you?ll find yourself with more energy throughout the day.